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Important HARN 2018 Update

July 31, 2018
We regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to convene the HARN 2018 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.  We appreciate your hard work up to this point. We hope we have not inconvenienced anyone in their work or travel plans for this autumn.
James Snead and Kate Sheppard are putting together a HARN-focused panel for the Society for American Archaeology 2019 meeting. See HERE for more details. We envision a relatively general symposium – something that would allow for the breadth of work being done by our members to be accommodated. A generic session title would be something like “Collections, Objects, People, Places: Global Histories of Archaeology in the 21st Century.”  The more formal abstract, etc. would be crafted to reflect the topics of those who express interest in participating.  We would thus hope to get expressions of interest relatively soon.
If you think your paper would fit, and you could attend the conference, please do submit your abstract to James and/or Kate at their email addresses (James, Kate) by Friday, August 3.

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