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NPAPH – Documentation of Mari, Dura Europos and Apamea

October 11, 2018

HARN member, Bert Wagemakers, has been in touch with the following request:

The Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs project (NPAPH; has the aim to preserve non-professional documentation of 
past archaeological campaigns to the future and make it accessible to 
the public via digital archives.
The term ‘non-professional’ refers to records made by visitors or 
participants of excavations who were not part of the trained staff, but 
who assisted as part of their continuing education or out of interest, 
for instance students, volunteers, reporters or sponsors. Secondly, this 
category of documentation includes also the private photos, slides, 
films, letters, diaries, etc made at the excavation by the 
archaeological staff. So non-professional records are usually not stored 
in official archives.

At the moment we are tracing documentation of the excavations of the 
following Syrian sites:
– Mari/ Tell Hariri (1933 – 1939, 1951 – 1956 and 1960 – 1974).
– Dura Europos (1928 – 1937).
– Apamea (1930 – 1938, 1947 – 1953 and 1965).

If you know anyone who joined one of these archaeological expeditions or 
know someone who might have documentation of the sites, please contact We are also interested in any other record prior the 
1980s related to these sites.

Thank you in advance,

The NPAPH team

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