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January 14, 2019


Anne Duray, Stanford University

I am currently working on my dissertation, entitled “The Idea of Greek (Pre)history: Archaeological Knowledge Production and the Making of ‘Early Greece,’ c. 1950-1980,” which is concerned with the intellectual history of Late Bronze Age – Early Iron Age transition (c. 1200-950 BCE) in Greece. I am broadly interested in the ways in which archaeological practices and intellectual agendas have intersected to inform the framing and interpretation of this period during the 20th century. My dissertation draws from both final publications and archival materials in order to trace communities of scholars, the formulation of research agendas, and the execution of said agendas through archaeological investigation in several case studies. I use these specific case studies to also highlight both the legacies of late 19th and early 20th century intellectual frameworks and practices, as well as to contextualize some of the ways so-called “transitional” periods are approached by archaeologists in the present.

As I wrap up my dissertation, I am also exploring possibilities for future projects. These may include history of archaeology in Cyprus, and women and archaeological knowledge production in early-mid 20th century Greek archaeology.


Paul Jobin, University of Neuchâtel

Initially trained as land surveyor (Federal Diploma), Paul Jobin is currently PhD student at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Specialist of the history of archaeology, he has firstly worked in Ivory Coast on an analysis of the archaeological practices during colonial and post-colonial Western Africa. His current researches focus on the role of archaeological remains in the social, economic, administrative and political processes related to land management and landscape representation.
For his PhD thesis, Paul Jobin is studying the history of motorway archaeology in Switzerland (1958-2012). His aim is to analyse the progressive integration of archaeology within civil engineering sector and land management procedures, its impact on the discipline and the role of the research in these two sectors. This research should clarify the transformations of archaeological thoughts and practices related to the development of “contract” or “preventive” archaeology.
In parallel of his researches, Paul Jobin has worked on several archaeological excavations in Switzerland, France, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

Welcome, Anne and Paul, and many thanks for joining our community!

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