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Important Announcement/ Situations Vacant

January 24, 2019
HARN members have already been alerted to the imminent changes about to take place amongst your cohort of Administrators, but partly because I know we have a wider audience than just the membership and particularly in view of the limited response we had to the email I’m announcing the upcoming changes here too.
Now, I should stress right at the beginning of this post that ordinarily I’m not very good with change. In fact some people* have said I am appalling at changes of any kind, but I’m feeling optimistic and upbeat about these even though they are big, big changes.

So, I hear you ask impatiently, what exactly are these changes? Are we moving? Redecorating? Becoming historians of architecture rather than archaeology? No. Well sort of moving, that is to say, Kate, Ulf and I, are moving on. And yes, this was the earworm I had while typing (as well as this one). Kate has been here since HARN began back in 2008, Ulf and I came on board more recently and alongside Pamela, Jonty, James and Clare we have been HARN for the last five years. And, it’s been great fun, I’ve enjoyed the experience tremendously, I’ve learnt a lot and I’m particularly happy that some of you have gone from being valued commentators to proper real life friends. I am hugely grateful to have had this time, however, the three of us feel it’s time to stand aside, to get fresh voices, different perspectives and directions on the histories of archaeology.

We’re not going immediately, we’ll be here until the 1st of March 2019 (St David’s Day, don’t you know) nearly Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so an apposite time for new beginnings.

Which brings me to the situations vacant part – as you’ll see from the contacts page we have been looking after the members’ directory, sending out emails, writing this blog as well as the Academia and Facebook pages and tweeting, as well as helping to organise workshops and conferences and editing the publications arising out of these meetings (see BHA and the forthcoming MUP volume). If all of these are to continue new administrators have to take our places. HARN won’t carry on without your involvement. We’re happy to advise, prepare and assist in the transition – which is why I’m announcing it so far in advance – and I promise we won’t interfere with how you want to run the network, so get in touch and we can all start planning for the future of HARN.
All the best
*That would be anyone who has ever met me no matter how fleetingly!
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