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Message to our members

March 23, 2020
Dear HARN members, colleagues and friends
The Histories of Archaeology Research Network was founded in 2008 to promote communication, support each other in our work and share ideas and knowledge. Let us stand together in these difficult times and continue to exchange resources and talk to each other.
There is already a vast number of groups, channels and initiatives out there to share online teaching resources and provide access to books and other library materials. If you have difficulty finding the right kind of group for your research or want to start your own, we are happy to share your message through our website and social media accounts. We are already retweeting links and information on Twitter, so check out our account!
We would also like to encourage all of you to share your experiences with the group through our blog. Are you conducting research from home? What are the challenges you are facing? Are you a student coping with lack of access to archives or libraries? How are you keeping up communication with your colleagues? Are you organising online conferences or have you found different ways of keeping up scholarly exchange and teaching? Or perhaps you have time to finally read that book that’s been on your desk for six months and you want to write a review for our blog?
We look forward to hearing from you!
Stay safe and be kind to one another!
Your HARN adminstrators
Mustafa Kemal Baran
Monica Barnes
Alicia Colson
Helene Maloigne
Vladimir Mihajlovic
Anna Reeve
Jonathan Trigg
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