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HARN Meeting, 14 March 2009

Below are the minutes from the meeting HARN held at the Department of Archaeology, Cambridge University.


Beyond Text AHRC– Katherine to complete and send in. Amara as the contact and UCL and the institution. Has to be organised by and for students and development of our skills:
Conference papers
Organising conferences
Connecting students with senior members
Training for students to run a research network

Estimate budget: Max £2000. Justification; travel for student members, pay someone to do internet site and use of images, renting space for meetings maybe.

AHRC Networks Grant – Ana, Jen Bracewell, (Sara Perry and Jen Baird)

ESRC Network Grants – same as above

Website: use of blog. Follow up Kate to send out note to fill out people’s research interests to go online. Put agenda and images on it.

Members: Who can be a HARN member?

1. Any one can be a member but on publicity we advertise anyone working in and interested in the histories of archaeology.

2. All applications to HARN membership will be looked at to judge relevance to the group.

3.“Committee” members must be PhD’s and Post-docs (and Pamela!)

Meetings and Committee

1. Three formal meetings a year – autumn, summer, spring.
2. Rolling committee and replaced as they move on.
3. Four positions (non-specific) that are always filled but by different people (CV point)
4. Next meeting at Oxford – ask Megan for late September to book room in Oxford and co-organisers. Gabe, Stephen, Megan and Pamela

If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them.

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