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New members are very welcome to join our inter-university and interdisciplinary postgraduate, postdoctoral and career research initiative. The Histories of Archaeology Research Network (HARN) provides an overarching, cross-institutional structure to promote communication and thereby support innovative new historical work.

If you would like to join, please fill in the contact form below or email Ulf R. Hansson at with contact information, academic affiliation and a synopsis of your research interests (like the ones that can be found in our member directory, see links below). For non-English speakers, synopses can also be submitted in German, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian.

NB If your request to join HARN is approved, the text entered in the “research synopsis, interests” field in the contact form may be published as it is (or translated into English) as your research profile in the HARN A-Z Member Directory. For examples, please see the Directory pages:

H A R N   M E M B E R   D I R E C T O R Y :
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